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Terms of use

1. What is your image policy?

The anime images on here are all copyright of their respective artists and companies, and they are the sole individuals capable of restricting their use. We are allowed to keep this public archive here, under the Fair Use act, and no copyright infringement is intended or implied. We claim no ownership of any image, whether scanned by us or not. It is our policy, and legal fact, that the scanning of an image does not give the person scanning it ownership of it, therefore that person or persons can have no say or restriction in the distribution of images. If you have legal documents from the copyright holders giving you exclusive use of an image, we will gladly honor them, once we are satified that they are genuine.
Anyone is free to take the images from our site, and use them in whatever way they may want. The only thing we do not allow is direct linking of images, as we do have to pay for bandwidth, and as such, can not provide it to you for free.

2. Some images have nudity, does this site carry porn?

Ro-Anime.Net strives to make avaliable images from anime shows, as a resource, to anyone looking for them. If a show contains nudity (and a fair amount of anime shows do) then we will not be against having it in our collection. However, actual hentai (adult) shows that contain explicit sexual content will not appear in these galleries. We do not have a system to restrict any of the images, or to post warnings in front of only certain ones, but there is nothing more then basic (and generally already censored) nudity in what can be termed artistic poses, that we feel no need as of now to work towards establishing such a system.

3. Is your site spoiler-free?

No, Ro-Anime.Net does and will contain spoilers, as images come from different times in a particular show. So you may see a spoiler while you browse. Please be aware of the risk.

4. Hey, some of your images have logos or stamps from other sites! You stole them!

Read our policy again. In general images were collected from all over the net, from user submissions, and from usenet posts. A stamp on an image only serves to make the image less usable, and in no way grants someone ownership of it. We stand by our policy on this, and would also like to add that a great many images were scanned by more then one person, and we will not, and do not attempt to find the "original" scanner of the image, or credit a person for their scans, or give them ownership of it. If someone submits scans to our site, we will certainly thank them, and post that, but images on the net, of copyrighted characters, really are fair game.

5. If I use your images, do I have to link back?

No, you do not. That would be a restriction of use on images that we do not own, and it would be neither proper nor fair to do so. We certainly welcome linking to us, and have a few banners and buttons you can use if you wanted.

6. Hey! You stole images from my gallery, so I am going to steal all of your pictures for my site!

Go right ahead, please, enjoy yourself.


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